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Can you give me my price?

We use a very simple formula to come up with a fair cash offer. However we DO NOT buy retail. We buy properties for investment purposes only. If you are in a situation where your property is in excellent condition and you have some time to sell it, we may not be a good fit. However if your property needs some love, we may be a good fit for you. 

If we agree on a price, when can we close?

Typically within 10-30 days. Sometimes in as little as 7 days. Price and title being the main factor. There are many determining factors that can delay a closing. Title issues being the main factor. 

What if my property has tenants? Do I need to evict them?

No problem. We often buy properties with tenants in place. You do not need to evict them. 

I am behind on my property taxes. Can I still sell?

Yes you can. The title company will allocate proceeds to go to paying the property taxes and you will get whatever is left over. However if you owe more than what the property is worth, you may need to come up with the difference. 

Do I need to clear out all of my stuff before I sell it?

Not at all! Leave it all behind or take what you want minus any fixtures. (ceiling fans, appliances etc). We buy properties in "as-is" condition. 

I don't live in the area, do I need to be present?

We often buy properties without meeting sellers face to face. You don't even need to be at the closing! The title company can work with mobile notaries to bring documents to you.